W. Mayers Designs


Wendy has been dabbling in creativity for years – exploring watercolour painting, knitting, raku pottery, recycled metal art and reclaimed glass art and finally landing in a wonderful place where she can pull from many mediums and create Fibre Art.

Design Styles

sunlight filtering through the  forest

designing in three different styles of felting

Wendy loves the process of blending colours and textures to create fibre art that is unique, comfortable, sturdy and tactile.  She is using silk chiffon, reclaimed silk, alpaca, camel hair, merino wool with silk blends and locally sourced sheep wool roving to create wearable art scarves, handbags, clasp purses and wall art!


Wendy takes her inspiration from sunlight filtering through the forest, the incredibly rich colours of spring, the treasures found on the beach and light filtered through colored glass.

Wet Felting where wool is layered, then sprinkled with water, soaped and is rubbed, rolled and thrown which weaves the fibres together into textured fabric.


Nuno-felting which fuses fine wool to silk where an entirely new fabric is produced that is light and has a lovely drape that reflects light in an amazing way.


Needle Felting, where a barbed needle is poked through layers of fibre to create raised designs that can be incorporated on to a handbag or wall art.

Wendy works out of a home-studio on an inspiring acreage in the Comox Valley with a view of Mount Washington and the Beaufort Range where she lives with her husband, her crazy dog and bossy cat.


w. mayers designs has participated in the following juried shows

Comox Valley Art Gallery 43rd Annual Christmas Craft Fair

CVAG’s winter program offers a winter art market featuring hand made work by over 90 local and regional makers.


2018 Art Alchemy Square Foot Show

ART  ALCHEMY is a working studio and gallery in downtown Courtenay, where artists share space and the experience of art making.  The Square Foot Show  is an annual show featuring over 250 pieces of amazing art.

W. Mayers Designs
W. Mayers Designs
W. Mayers Designs
W. Mayers Designs
W. Mayers Designs